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Video by Ben Premeaux


Featured Projects:

Between Round and Square by artist CHAI MI;

Between the Retina and the Dome by Penelope Haralambidou, The Bartlett School of Architecture;

Embodied Computation Lab by The Living (David Benjamin)

EOS Series by Sean Lally, University of Illinois at Chicago;

Hacking Representational Structures, Seeing the Scaffolds by Carl Lostritto, Rhode Island School of Design;

Horizons by Certain Measures (Andrew Witt and Tobias Nolte);

Inhabiting Ruins by Bernadette Devilat, co-founder of Devilat Lanuza Architects;

The Objects Pallas and Gottfried by Ibañez Kim (Mariana Ibañez and Simon Kim); 

PULSUS by INVIVIA (Allen Sayegh);

VENTS by Catty Dan Zhang, UNC Charlotte.​


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